Select the best people for your business

We conduct checks and assessments on your preferred candidates to increase your chances of a successful hire.

Background Checks 

  • Basic - Criminal History Check, Financial Report, Drivers Licence Status, Traffic Infringements
  • Limited - Basic plus ACC Check
  • Standard - Limited plus Immigration Status (If applicable) and previous three employers to verify dates, integrity, re-hire status

Comprehensive Reference Checks 

We conduct comprehensive reference checks of previous employers to verify employment and to gain insight into the candidate's skills, qualifications and abilities to do the job including their strengths and weaknesses, best qualities, ability to cope with stress, etc.

Psychometric Assessments

  • Selector Professional for senior executive or strategically important roles
  • Selector Insight provides a detailed profile of an individual’s operational style including general abilities, personality and work styles, and resilience to stress
  • Selector Graduate designed specifically to assess graduates about to join professional services firms
  • Selector Retail for use when hiring customer-facing retail staff
  • Selector Contact provides detailed reporting of how a candidate will likely perform within a contact centre environment.
  • Selector Resilience assesses resilience to stressors and gives you insight into how your candidates or staff are likely to react to pressure
  • Selector CareerStep used primarily for career development to give a detailed picture of a job seeker’s interests, experience, skills and preferred work environment. The assessment report lists the occupations that best fit.

Skill and Knowledge Assessments 

Measure necessary skills and competencies by choosing assessments from the extensive SkillCheck library and receive easily interpreted assessment reports for immediate decision making.

  • Clerical - Checking, Coding, Filing, Grammar, Math, Proofreading, Reading Comprehension, Reception, Secretarial, Shorthand, Spelling, Telephone, Vocabulary, Data Entry, Typing, Letter Setup
  • Accounting - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cost Accounting
  • Light Industrial - Count & Stack, Pick & Pack, Metric Units, Shipping & Receiving, Inventory
  • Retail - Learning Products, Retail Math, Sales and Promotion
  • Call Centre - Inbound Sales, Outbound Sales
  • Software - Access, Excel, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes, MS Office Productivity, Outlook, Powerpoint, Project, Quickbooks, Windows, Word

Abilities and Behaviour Profiles

Select from Core abilities, Workplace Reasoning, Employee Retention, Employee Risk, Global Competency, Guest Service, Customer Service Success, Industrial Success, Management Success, Professional Sales, Professional Success, Workplace Success

We can help:

select the most appropriate checks and assessments

interpret the results and advise on suitability for your position


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