What employee engagement looks like

Sometimes I feel like the term ‘engagement’ has become so overused in business that we think we know what it means, but when we drill down to it we have different definitions. A bit like ‘communication’ and ‘teamwork! In fact, in a thought piece about engagement Professor Rob Briner said the one thing everyone knows[…]

Alternatives to Performance Reviews that actually work

The traditional, annual performance review is deeply entrenched into management across the country and around the world, despite its ineffectiveness at encouraging or improving employee performance. You know the typical performance review; where the opening statement is often something like “let’s get this over and done with as quickly as possible”, the majority of time[…]

Is your HR a positive or negative business activity?

HR as a business activity started at a time when work was transactional and leadership was ‘command-and-control’. Policies and processes were the order of the day. As a result, the purpose of HR was to ensure compliance with those policies and administer the processes. When problems occurred, HR (or more likely “Personnel”) swung into action,[…]

What’s your WHY?

What is your company’s purpose? In work and in life, people generally know what to do, some know how to do it, but few know why they do it. Simon Sinek depicted this as a simple golden circle model in his book Start With Why. He reminded us that we can inspire action in others by focusing on[…]

Why we changed our company name

by Antonia Haythornthwaite, Owner  I started Blue Dot HR almost 10 years ago to help business owners manage their people and deal with tricky situations. I knew a lot about HR and not much about marketing – so deciding on a company name was low on my priority list. I named the business Blue Dot[…]